Night Buddy The Original LED Rechargeable Headlamp

Night Buddy


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The Original Head Light: Where innovation meets practical function, the Night Buddy head light camping light is designed for ease-of-use to pierce through the darkness making this crucial from your everyday camping supplies to crucial handyman work.

The Night Buddy is the original headband lamp, we cannot ensure authenticity to other similar looking products. 4x Brighter Than Other Headlamps: When darkness settles in, count on the Night Buddy to cut through it with 350 lumens. Other competitors' head lamps contains between 11 to 100 lumens and that won't do.

Shrine Bright technology focuses all the lumens across the front beam with its 230 degree radius allowing maximum illumination and coverage Multi Mode For All Scenarios: The Night Buddy head flashlight is designed to illuminate any situation. Whether it's setting up camp or exploring the unknown, the headlamp flashlight comes with 5 brightness modes including red light mode which allows for quick light adjustment to the eyes.

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