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With our penchant for soothing herbal teas, refreshing botanical shrubs, warming winter cocoas, and tasty before-dinner apéritifs, it’s safe to say herbalists know drinks!

The Botanical Mixed Drinks Recipe Book – a second installment of the Herbal Academy’s delightful Recipe Book Collection and companion to the Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop – infuses herbal whimsy into 82 flavorful botanical cocktails and mocktails, shares step-by-step guidance for crafting a well-stocked herbal bar, and enchants beginner and sage mixologists with an inspiring, functional keepsake collection.

From peppermint and pine to cinnamon and cardamom, the Herbal Academy’s time-tested botanical mixed drinks recipes invite you to uniquely incorporate herbs and spices to tantalize your taste buds, tune into seasonal rhythms, and enjoy botanicals in exciting new ways!

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