Pine Barrens Cleansing Oil

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Oil cleansing can remove dirt, makeup and other impurities from skin without stripping skin of its natural oils. For this cleanser we’ve infused organic grapeseed oil with many of the iconic plants of the Pine Barrens with antibacterial, anti-inflamatory and toning properties to help gently cleanse skin without drying skin out. To Use: apply a few drops of product to moist skin, or put a few drops of product in hand and rub together with a few drops of water or hydrsol until mixture turns a milky color, rub gently over face and rinse with warm water. Size 2 oz bottle Ingredients: Grapeseed oil infused with wildcrafted Red Pine Resin, Sweet Fern, Jack Pine, Goldenrod, Rabbit Tobacco, Aspen Leaf and Scotch Pine Oil.

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