Choosing to be Intentional About Natural Beauty

Choosing to be Intentional About Natural Beauty

Kimberly Laureano

So you want to be a little more intentional about natural beauty this year, eh? I see you on that one, and friend, that is very admirable.

In a world where our liberties, freedom, and just everything else have been controlled or out of control in one way or another, realizing the power of intention is no small feat. 

There is a new phrase/statement that I am just LOVING the crap out of recently. It's the 'Better Beauty Revolution", paying attention to what goes in and on your body. I love this so much because choosing to be intentional about your wellbeing is everything when it comes to embodying beauty inside and out. And there's nothing more beautiful than intentionally choosing to be more natural. 

The way I see it, intentions are the spark of something big. A wave of thought that generates kinetic energy into what later becomes action and reaction both within ourselves and others. Being intentional about something, following through with it, and then observing the results is probably one the most fundamental processes of personal growth, spiritual growth, health, and overall wellbeing. 

Our intentions aligned with action have such an incredible ripple effect on our whole person. Deciding on choices that are closer to nature, that are more in tune to the natural world around us propels us and everything around us into a positive growth cycle. What affects the body influences the mind. What influences the mind impacts your spirit. What impacts your spirit has an effect on how you experience the nature of reality around you. And the cycle repeats. 

As we start this year off, what are you choosing to be more intentional about and most importantly how will you align it with actions? Drop a comment below and let us know! 

Here's to your better beauty revolution, and to staying naturally beautiful inside and out!

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