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As the name suggests, a dry brush does not require water. Use a circular motion across your skin to lift dead skin cells and increase circulation. It can double as a back exfoliator in the shower, with its curved handle making it easier to get that hard to reach spot on your back that won’t require another set of hands. ~~~~ What’s Included: One Curved Bamboo Dry Brush ~~~~ Materials: Bamboo handle. Vegan Sisal Bristles. ~~~~ Dimensions: Length: 46cm Head Width: 7cm Bristle length: 2cm Weight: 6.1oz ~~~~ Packaging: Recycled paper box with no tape or glue, held together with foldable tabs ~~~~ Branded: Yes ~~~~ Able to White Label: Yes ~~~~ Longevity: This brush will usually last 3 months, depending on how often it is used. To clean the bristles, boil the bristles for 1-2 minutes as needed. ~~~~ Environmental Impact: We carry one of the ONLY completely VEGAN dry brushes. With our plant based sisal bristles and bamboo handle, the entire brush is ethically made.

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