Midwest Margarita | Blueberry & Lavendar



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Midwest Margarita is the perfect drink to accompany any girls' weekend or summer day! This infusion kit is best infused with tequila and mixed with (homemade or store bought) margarita mix.

HOW IT WORKS: Choose your favorite liquor and then infuse it for 3 days in our handcrafted kit, made of the perfect combination of dried limes, blueberries, orange slice, lavender flowers, and blueberry infused sugar cubes. After 3 days, shake, strain and mix with your favorite mixer!

This kit can be infused twice and makes 8-16 cocktails.

Each kit includes a card with instructions for infusion. Pictured last. **Liquor not included. Infusion kit only contains dried fruit and spices.** (This is the same exact recipe as their former Meg's Margarita, we simply changed the name.)

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