Monarch Butterfly

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The Monarch Butterfly, who leaves us in the fall to spend the winter in the mountains of Mexico. (And parts of California.) They are great migrators, sometimes traveling 2000+ miles to split their year. Anything to get away from these Maine winters?!?! No, they come here for their summer job- laying eggs and reproducing. Monarchs love Milkweed- they use it to both lay their eggs and as a food source for the young caterpillars, and the loss of native Milkweed habitat is severely threatening their population, putting them on the brink of extinction. The National Wildlife Federation has a wonderful website about which native plants you can plant where you live to help: Dimensions: 5.25"L X 2.5"W X .125" Thick All ornaments come with ribbon or wire for hanging and individually gift boxed with descriptive text as listed above. Each ornament is crafted by hand. Because of this, no two are exactly alike.

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