Shampoo Bar | Rosemary + Mint | Packaged: Tea Tree Lavender

Dandelion Naturals


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These come individually packaged in compostable bags with a label. If you prefer a no package option, please see our other listings for that option! No matter your hair type, our concentrated solid shampoo bars provide a nourishing and moisturizing lather that gently cleanses your hair while removing buildup and dirt and leaves your hair feeling smooth, shiny and healthy looking. These bars will not strip your natural oils and are lightweight without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals and in our opinion … unnecessary ingredients. Just 1 shampoo bar replaces 2 standard shampoo bottles and lasts for 50-60 washes. For best results, we recommend pairing our shampoo bar with one of our conditioner bars. Just like our bar soap that we make for your body, face and hands, we recommend that you keep your shampoo and conditioner bars dry in between use by placing them on a soap tray that drains. Color Safe pH Balanced Gluten Free Eco-Friendly All Natural Ingredients

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