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What is soap dough?!? It's an art project, sensory experience, and functional product rolled into one! 

Made with organic ingredients, this "dough" allows you and your little ones to create and decorate custom soap bars! 

When allowed to dry overnight, soap dough hardens and can be used as a soap bar. 

Your Soap Dough Co. kit comes with bamboo tools and a paint brush. Use the bamboo tools to cut, score, and stick pieces together, similar to how you would work with potters clay or air-clay.

No previous clay or art experience is needed to work with soap dough, children should be supervised while working with soap dough. Although it's organic, keep out of eyes and mouths! 

Each kit comes with: 

-Approximately 8oz. of soap dough (essential oil scented or unscented)

-Instructions and tutorials

-Bamboo carving kit

-water brush (H2O binds dough!)

-a future of infinite fun

Ingredients: Organic base oils (coconut, olive oil, sustainable palm), Sodium Hydroxide, essential oils (scented kit), Mica and/or natural clay powders.

Soap Dough Essential Oil Scents:

Purple - Lavender

Orange - Blood Orange

Pink - Grapefruit

Red - Grapefruit

Blue - Cypress

Yellow- Lemon

Green - Spearmint

*We recommend transferring contents in pouch to an airtight container with a lid for best results and long-term storage.

Each Soap Dough Co. kit includes approximately 8 OUNCES soap dough, enough to make approximately 6-8 projects out of one bag. If you would like to make several larger characters or bars, you might need 2 bags. 

Also.. it's really fun for kids to decorate and add soap dough to a soap bar, pair soap dough with any of our bar soaps here

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